Episode 01 – Small Business In America

Episode Description:

The often overlooked and underserved engine of small business is fundamental to the health of the US economy.  In this inaugural episode David McNutt discusses the Middle Market with Doug Farren, Managing Director of the National Center for the Middle Market; business owner Shawn Risberg explains her serial entrepreneurship; and singer/songwriter Tyler Sorenson describes the hard work as a professional business musician in the music industry.

References: National Center for the Middle Market https://www.middlemarketcenter.org/about
Pro Audio Video, Inc. https://proavi.com/

Music:  Tyler Sorenson and the band Oweda, https://owedamusic.com/music/

The Podcast Band:  David (lead vocal), Byron Warner on Announcing, Matt Buckner on Website, and Steve Johnson in the Nashville Studio.


Management To Be Determined
Management To Be Determined
Episode 01 - Small Business In America